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Scott McKendrick

Scott McKendrick

Extension Associate Professor
Faculty: Faculty
Location:  East Campus Office Building 116
Office Phone:  (435) 797-3591
Cell Phone:  435-770-0725
8330 Old Main Hill
Logan UT 84322

Specialties: Equine Science

About Me

Mr. McKendrick’s teaching program goals for ADVS 3300 are to provide Equine Majors and other Ag/USU students additional training in the form and function of the horse and the lower leg, with hands on experiences in trimming and shoeing. This training will continue to provide them with assets necessary for their successes in the equine industry. In the ADVS 3910 class, the goals are to help horse owners throughout the region better care for their own horses hoof and shoeing needs.

Through the 5% Extension assignment Scott continues as a liaison to many aspects of the Utah Horse Industry as well as organizing, hosting and providing training in Ranch Roping, Cattle Handling, and Horsemanship for the USU Equine Majors and general horse owning public of the region.

The ADVS 3910 course, open to the general public, has been a continued success for nearly 20 years, with horse owners completing the course with personal hoof care and horseshoeing skills necessary to care for their own horses.

The Ranch Roping courses taught two to three times per year at the new Equine Education Center are gaining interest and popularity as an additional horse and horseman skill for students and the general public.

Ranch Roping Clinics through Extension are fee for service programs, with class fees used to pay for cattle and facilities, while Extension Personnel and volunteers provide the instruction.

In as much as USU Equine Majors need an introduction to as many equine disciplines as possible during their time at USU. The Farrier Science course was created under the direction of Mr. McKendrick to help students understand equine form and function of the lower leg and hoof, lameness detection and treatments, variations in shoeing techniques and shoe/trimming applications, as well as provide the hands on skills necessary for some general hoof care and shoeing. Reviews of this course and ADVS 3910 have been excellent as both courses have helped students in the equine ventures and adventures.

Mr. McKendrick received his BS in 1973 and MS in 1976 both from Utah State University in the field of Animal Science. He also grew up in a family Farrier Business and in 1983 became a Certified Farrier with the American Farriers Association. Involvement and experiences in his personal Horseshoeing Business continues to provide additional expertise for his current USU assignment.

Scott is semi-retired from USU after 35 years of service in Extension and ADVS. He currently is a faculty member teaching Farrier Science, ADVS 3300, with a 5% Extension assignment and co-instructs ADVS 3910, USU Horseshoeing for Continuing Education.

For Students

Education and Research

  • Education
    • M.S. - Utah State University, Animal Science-Production, 1976
    • B.S. - Utah State University, Animal Science with a minor in Chemistry, 1973
  • Employment
    • Coordinator, Small Acreage Programs (25%), USU Extension, 2009-present
    • Statewide Coordinator, Equine and Small Acreage, USU Extension, 2005-present
    • North Region Director, USU Extension, 2002-2005
    • Director, USU Brigham City Campus, USU Extension, 1998-2002
    • District Department Head, North District, USU Extension, 1995-1998
    • Utah Stae 4-H Program Leader, USU Extension, 1992-1995
    • Acting State 4-H Program Leader, USU Extension, 1986-1992
    • Assistant State 4-H Program Leader, USU Extension, 1981-1986
    • 4-H Youth Agent, Utah County, USU Extension, 1975-1981
  • Professional Development
    Certified Farrier, American Farriers Association, Lexington, KY 1983-present
  • Presentations
    1. USU Extension and Small Acreage Owner Resources, 2009.
    2. What Horse Owners Want in Horse Hay, 2009.
    3. SmAc Team Annual Planning Meeting, 2009.
    4. Lower Leg and Hoof Care, 2009.
    5. Small Acreage and Agriculture Extension Programs at USU, 2009.
    6. Living on the Land Curriculum Introduction, 2009.
    7. Judging Trainer Challenge, Utah Horse Expo, 2009
    8. Horse Hoof Care, 2009
    9. State of Utah Equine Industry and Buying Horse Hay, 2009.
    10. State 4-H Horse Shows/Western, 2008
  • Publications
    1. Small Acreage Info from USU Extension, News releases, 2009.
    2. Foal Hoof Care...When and How Often to Trim.  No Foot No Horse, January 2009:10.
    3. Treat Yourself Before You Treat the Keg Shoes.  American Farriers Association Magazine. Vol 35, Nuber 6:36, 2009.
    4. Proper Hoof Care.  Utah Farmers Union Newsletter. Vo. 53 Issue 3:3, 2008.
    5. Foal Hoof Care. Magazine, 2008.
    6. USU Equine Education Center Promotional Video, Video, 2008.
    7. Poison in Your Pasture.  Amerian Paint Horse Journal.  June 2008:36-42, 2008.
    8. Plenty of Horse Hay Available...so why higher prices.  USU Equine News.  October 2008:2.
    9. No Easy Fuel Choice for Shoeing Rigs.  American Farriers Journal.  Sept/Oct. 2008:38-42.
    10. 4-H Working Ranch Hore Practical Guide.  4-H Manual. 1:, 2008.

Honors and Activities

  • Honors/Accomplishments
    • Young Agent of the Year, National Association of County Agriculture Agents, 1981
    • USU Extension Specialists Association Team Award, 2008
    • Epsilon Sigma Phi Distinguished Team Award/SmAc/Equine Teams, 2008
    • Thirty Year Service Award, USU Extension, 2005
    • Honorary Chapter Farmer, Skyview FFA, 1994
    • DSA Epsilon Sigma Phi, 1992
    • Youth at Risk, Epsilon Sigma Phi, 1990
    • Retirement Recognitions, 2009
    • Chapter Board Member, Ag in the Classroom Foundation, 2002
    • 25 Year Service Award, 2000
    • Taggert Ballard Award, 2000
    • Twenty Year Service Award, 1995
    • Fifteen Year Service Award, 1990
    • Outstanding Specialist Award, USU Extension Specialist Association, 1990
  • Committee/Consulting Services
    • 2008 Peer Reviewer, ADVS Department
    • 2008 Coordinator, College of Ag Equine Education Facility Development Committee
    • 2008 Faculty Activity Survey, USU
    • 2008 Co-reviewer/developer of ADVS On-line Equine Introduction Course, USU ADVS
    • 2008 4-H Lamb Fitting Workshop, Lewiston 4-H lamb club
    • 2008 Facilitator at utah Green Conference Landscape Track, Utah Green Industry
    • 2007 Narrator, ADVS
    • 2007-present, Consultant, Santaquin City
    • 2007 Presenter, Utah State Univers Extension
    • 2007 Peer Reviewer, Utah State University Extension
    • 2007 Peer Reviewer, Utah State University Extension
    • 2007 Supporter, USU IHSA Team
    • 2007-present Compiler, Utah State University Extension
    • 2007 President USU Specialists  Association, Utah State University Extension
    • 2007 Assistant, Utah State University Extension
    • 2007Chair, ADVS Dept. Social Committee, Animal Dairy and Veterinary Sciences Department
    • 2007 Member, ADVS Department Equine Facility Planning Committee
    • 2006-present Council Member, Trenton City Council
    • 2006 President-Elect, Extension Specialists Association
    • 2006-present Member, USU Equine Education Center Development Committee, USU and ADVS Department
    • 2006-present Cubmaster, Boys Scouts of America
    • 2005 Extension Representative, Utah Farm Bureau Federation Equine Committee
    • 2005-present Committee member and educational workshops coordinator, Utah Horse Council and Utah Horse Expo
    • 2003 Extension representative, Utah Horse Council
    • 2003-present Chair, Trenton Water Board
    • 2002-present Utah Farms Union Farmers Union organization Extension Liaison, Utah Farmers Union
    • 1998 Member, Rotary International
    • 1998 Member, Trenton Town Council
    • 1997-present Member, Utah Office of Education Students at Risk Task Force
    • 1997-present Member, Tri-State Extension and Navajo nation 4-H Coordination Committee
    • 1997-present Member, National 4-H Shooting Sports Training team
    • 1997-present Member, Utah Association of County Agriculture Agents
    • 1997-present Member, Utah Association of Extension 4-H Workers and National 4-H Agents
    • 1997-present President, Utah Association of Extension 4-H Workers
    • 1997-present Member, American Quarter Horse Association
    • 1997-present Member, American Paint Horse Association
    • 1997-present Member, utah Stsate Fair Junion Livestock Sale Committee
    • 1987 Member, Utah Federation for Youth
    • 1981-present Member, Utah State Jr Livestock Show Association
    • 1980-present Member, Utah Horse Shoes Guild
    • 1980-present Member, Utah and National Epsilon Sigma Phi